Flash Talk Info for Teams

Flash Talk Date: Sunday, 16 April 2023
Location: Ventanas Ballrooms, Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum
See posted team schedule (subject to change)


  1. Teams will be randomly divided into two groups and will present their flash talks in separate rooms in the Ventanas Ballroom.
  2. All slides for each room will be combined into one slide deck.
  3. Presentation: 3 minutes + 1 minute judge Q/A + 1 minute transition (scoring + next team gets in place, third team gets on deck). 
  4. While one team presents, the next gets on deck.
  5. After the Flash Talks, all participants gather for dinner and a keynote speaker, followed by the Flash Talk Final Round
  6. Flash Talk Final Round: the top 3 from each room give their presentations without Q/A.
  7. After the Final Round, WERC will begin the Safety Meeting.
  8. Flash Talk Awards will be announced on 4/19/23