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ESP Information

Teams that have registered will be emailed a link to the Short Course, "Preparing the ESP" and "Environmental Health and Safety."

These are taught within the NMSU On-Demand Course system. Email us if you have not yet received the link. The course is free, but limited to teams enrolled in the contest. 

ESP and Transportation Forms

Experimental Safety Plan. All teams will:

  1. Assign at least one team member to complete the mandatory On-Demand Short Course "Developing an Experimental Safety Plan" 
  2. Complete, submit, and obtain approval of the ESP form
  3. Complete the Transportation form if your team plans to ship equipment to Las Cruces.


Environmental Health and Safety Short Course: An optional course that helps teams write a robust EH&S section of their report and earn a digital badge that demonstrates additional EH&S training. 


Short Course Links:  Contact us to let us know you will be entering the contest, and we will email the links to you by mid-December.

Experimental Safety Plan

Experimental Safety Plan

2023 Guidelines:
  1. Each member of your team will complete the ESP training, "Developing an Experimental Safety Plan."
  2. Instructions will be given in the training course for completing and submitting the ESP form.
    1.  If your team is not yet registered for the course, please have your student Team Leader contact us for the link.

ESP Form

ESP Example

Lab Hazard Checklist

Transportation Form

Equipment Transportation Form

Submit this form by March 25, 2023 if you plan to ship any equipment to Las Cruces for the contest.

This transportation form ensures that NMSU's Shipping and Receiving department will deliver your packages to the Farm & Ranch Museum.