Experimental Safety Plan (ESP)

The ESP ensures the safety of all participants at the on-site contest. It is the first step in the approval process for running your team's bench-scale demonstration at the contest. While preparing your bench-scale demo at your home institution, follow your institution's safety protocols. 

ESP Steps:

  1. Complete Mandatory Short Course* (all team members)
  2. Complete, submit, and obtain approval of the ESP form
  3. Complete the Transportation form (see below) if your team plans to ship equipment to Las Cruces

Short Courses:
Registered teams will be emailed links in early January to the courses below. If you have not received the link, ore have not yet registered, email a request to werc@nmsu.edu 

Short Course: Developing an Experimental Safety Plan. Free. Mandatory. On-demand. All team members must complete the course by February 20, 2023 and before submitting the ESP by Feb. 23. Course is limited to teams enrolled in the contest. The course should take no longer than one hour to complete. 

Short Course: Environmental Health and Safety Topics. Free. Optional. Synchronous with recordings available. Helps teams write a robust EH&S section of their report. Each person completing the course will earn a digital badge that demonstrates additional EH&S training. 

2024 Contest Synchronous Course Dates and times. Students are encouraged to attend the synchronous course to allow them to ask questions and interact with the instructor in real time. This is a six-hour course: 

January 26             9 -10:30am             2 -3:30 pm
February 9             9 -10:30 am            2- 3:30 pm 


ESP Forms and Examples

ESP Form

ESP Example

Lab Hazard Checklist



Equipment Transport Form

Submit this form by March 25, 2024 if you plan to ship equipment to Las Cruces.

Update: Now teams will ship their packages directly to the Farm & Ranch Museum. 

Equipment Transport Form